Social Media for Hotels – The Basics

The world of tourism has changed greatly in recent years, due in part to the increasing importance of social media. Hotels that neglect their online presence are missing a great opportunity to strengthen their brand and reach potential guests.

If you are in the tourism industry, it is crucial that you actively use your social media channels to establish a strong online presence. Here are some basic tips on how you can effectively use social media for your hotel:

Choose the right channels: Carefully consider which social media channels are best suited for your hotel. If you run a luxury hotel, Instagram or TikTok might be a good choice as they are visual platforms. If you run a budget hotel, Facebook might be a better option as it reaches a wider target audience.

Use only as many platforms as you can effectively manage. The approach here is “all or nothing”. So, it’s better to use only one or two platforms and actively manage them rather than using four platforms and only publishing something every two weeks.

Create interesting content: Make sure your social media posts are interesting and appealing, but also provide value to the user. Share photos and videos of your hotel, rooms, and restaurant, as well as nearby attractions and current events. Also, publish special offers and promotions to attract potential guests. But never forget which phase of the guest journey you are reaching your guests on social media. You either want to inspire new guests or strengthen the loyalty of existing guests.

Interact with your followers: Respond to questions and comments from your followers and show that you are interested in them. This can help build a loyal community and gain a better understanding of the needs of your potential guests. Active community management is just as important as professional content management.

Use Paid Advertising: Paid advertising can take your social media presence to a new level. For example, you can target ads to specific target groups or pay for a greater reach for your posts. But beware – as with any paid advertising, it is important to have a clear goal and be able to measure results. This is the only way to ensure that the desired “return on investment” is achieved.

In times when it is essential to be visible online, hotels should take their social media presence seriously. With the tips mentioned above, you can create a foundation, strengthen your online presence and reach potential guests. Don’t forget that social media is about building a connection with your target audience and creating a positive reputation for your hotel. Invest time and resources into your social media presence and you will see the benefits.